Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All "Jazz"-ed up!

Byron and Tricia invited us to go to the Jazz game with them on November 1st. We felt honored to be asked to go with them. They could have chosen to take some of their children but instead asked us this time. The tickets included eating dinner first, the game, then a snack during half-time. We were able to eat up on the 6th floor of the Energy Solutions Building. They had quite the buffet and we really enjoyed our company. We were able to meet Byron's boss and his wife who were eating at the table next to us. We can see why Byron likes his boss so well.Byron, John, and I lovin' our close seats. What a fun evening! Byron and Tricia enjoying the game.
Tricia got a fun picture of us during the game.

When you are four seats from the floor you can actually see the players! As you can see we were right behind the L. A Clippers team. It was fun for us to see how the coaches and the players interacted with each other. John thought their coach micro-coached the players too much. The Jazz beat the Clippers and the last part of the game the Jazz basket was down by us.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Leaves Me Happy!

Saturday I watched Jeff and Emily's children so that Jeff could go skeet shooting with his Dad, brothers and sisters. And Emily could go to her class.
All of the children helped me rake leaves and I just had to snap a picture of them in the leaves. I had so much fun with them while they were here. They were really good for me and I enjoyed interacting with them. We played Lumberyard which is one of their favorite games to play. We also watched the last of the movie"Stuart Little". The older children made their own sandwich for lunch so they could fix the kind they preferred. Before we could turn around their mom came and then their dad and Grandpa got home. It's funny how time passes so quickly when you're having fun!

Aren't they cute!

They helped to the bitter end. It looks nicer with the leaves all off the lawn. Now it can snow!

Family Masquerade!

On Halloween night all the family, except for Eric came up to our house. (Eric went to a Stake Halloween Dance.) We served cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate and thoroughly enjoyed seeing each of our grandchildren in their Halloween costumes. As you can see, Jeremy and Sarah also dressed up. The pictures are in order of when they arrived:
The cutest little monkey we've ever seen!

Byron's familyR-o-a-r! I love Halloween!
Jeff's family
Ummm! Elmo knows what he wants!

Go Cougars!

John was invited by his brother Ken to go to the BYU/UNLV game on October 25th. Byron invited Melissa and I to go with him and use two of his tickets. Michael and Genevieve were also able to go to the game. Even without planning to meet up with each other--we did 'cause all of us went to the pre-game event in the parking lot. We had to snap a picture 'cause this isn't an every day occurrence for us. It was great to see Ken again and get to visit with him and find out how they are doing. They came to Utah to help Matt and Amanda on the last leg of their house building.
Jared, Tricia's brother, was down for his wife, Danielle's brother's wedding and so came to the game. He came over and sat and visited with us for a while. He is always interested in each person and is enjoyable to visit with.

Boo-tiful Friends!

We get together with a past Bishopric group each month. We have done this for 19 years. (You know, it may have been even longer, but I know it's been for at least 19 years.) We met at the Johnston's for a Halloween Party on October 24th. John dressed up as the Bishop and six of us that are in the ward dressed up as part of his flock (sheep). Ashby's were kind enough to make the ears, noses, and bell necklaces so that it was easy for us to dress up. Johnston's and Noyce's totally dressed up so we had to take a separate picture of them. We took a Halloween quiz, played Halloween Win, Lose, or Draw trying to guess Halloween movies. We also played our old stand-by game, "I Got Mine!" What a fun party!

Pasta-tively Delicious!

Clara loves pasta! Jeremy, Sarah and Clara were up one night a couple of weeks ago and we loved watching Clara slurp up her spaghetti. We watched her while Jeremy and Sarah went to the temple. We enjoyed just watching her play and interact with us. What a delight she is. She didn't even cry when her parents left!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sealed for Eternity

Laura McNeel Crawford and her husband J.R. were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on October 11, 2008. I used to visit teach Laura when she lived here a few years ago. I was able to go to St. George with my former visiting teaching partner when she and J. R. went through for their endowments. What a thrill it was to then have their love for each other sealed for time and all eternity. I can't believe the contrast of Laura today compared to the Laura of yesterday. She is so happy and is eager to share her testimony with all she meets. What a positive experience it was to be able to be a part of their sealing. This is a picture of Jared, Laura's son, Laura, J. R. and three of J. R.'s children from a previous marriage.